K188 : World’s First Fidget Spinner Mobile with Bluetooth launched in India

World's First Fidget Spinner Mobile

World’s First Fidget Spinner Mobile World’s First Fidget Spinner Mobile:  Fidget Spinners are very popular nowadays in India. Children can be seen playing with fidget spinners and enjoying it. You can easily notice fidget spinner sellers on traffic signals on the road. What is a mobile can spin like a fidget spinner? Yes, the World’s First Fidget Spinner Mobile has been launched in India. A Hong Kong-based mobile company Chilli International Holding (HK) Ltd. has already launched a fidget spinner smartphone which has been named as K188. Also Checkout: Water Proof Mobile Kyocera  …

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Google’s 19th Birthday: Celebrates with Doodle Games

Google's 19th Birthday

Google’s 19th Birthday Today Google’s 19th Birthday:   Hurrah !! It’s Google’s 19th Birthday. And Google is celebrating with 19 Doodle Games. Yes, Google Search Engine has turned 19 today. When you open Google Chrome browser you will notice the Suprise Spinner for fun in the Google Search box. Everyone is happy and wishing Google Happy Birthday on their Facebook walls. Well don’t know about others but yes we Bloggers are happy for Google’s 19th Birthday 🙂 🙂 And we need to be because Google pays us haha. On Google’s 19th Birthday…

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Amazon Echo using Raspberry Pi – Make a DIY Affordable Alexa Device

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo using Raspberry Pi Amazon Echo is a brilliant piece of technology to use. It’s useful to have one around; it can play music for you, take reminders and notes. Not just these; it can even control TV, phones, and computers. But affording one can be an expensive choice for many of us. It costs around $50 – $150. So, if you are not sure whether you’ll actually use it or not? It would be better to find some other alternatives to this. What if I say a $35…

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PS5 Release Dates, Expected Features and Price

PS5 Release Dates

All About the PS5 Release Dates Know the most awaited PS5 Release Dates PS5 Release Dates:   With the development of streaming solutions like PlayStation Now, many have believed that physical consoles are a subject put to rest. PlayStation Now is a cloud-based gaming service that allows you to play PS3 (and soon PS4) games on the PS4 and PC, with all of the particular handling done on Sony’s servers – only the design and customer feedback are sent back-and-forth. Yet we still think there will be a PS5. Not…

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8 Things You Should Know Before Buying Any Smartwatch: Tips & Guides

Things You Should Know Before Buying Any Smartwatch

SmartWatch: An amazing Gadget So, finally, you have lost your heart on smart watches and wish to own one? But before you press that “buy now” option, you must have those basic hints that would help you to own the best smartwatch for yourself. A smartwatch is definitely not a normal thing that you would understand having a glimpse of it. It is a little dynamite that needs you to have an in-depth knowledge. In this post, we will tell you Things You Should Know Before Buying Any Smartwatch. Basic…

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10 Things About WhatsApp That You Didn’t Know: Amazing WhatsApp Facts

WhatsApp Facts

WhatsApp Facts: 10 Crazy WhatsApp Facts That You Didn’t Know WhatsApp Facts:   We all know as for how these days,  WhatsApp has become such an important app in our lives. Today,  it is seen as the best app to deliver messages,  videos, documents etc. to your contacts and friends so easily and that too quickly. It seems that we know a lot about the WhatsApp but there are some hidden interesting features about WhatsApp too that some of us might not know.  So here we present you top 10…

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How much money the Top Tech Giants spend on their CEOs security and protection

Top Tech Companies and How much money the Top Tech Giants spend on their CEOs. We all know who are the top tech giants of the world. Yes, you guessed it right!! Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Snapchat are the Top Tech Giants of the world. Some belong to the Social media and some belong to the E-commerce market. Today we will tell you How much money the Top Tech Giants spend on their CEOs security and safety. It is the responsibility of the CEOs of these companies to run them…

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Some Facts About Streaming Media That Has Seen an Explosion of Recognition Lately

 What is DLNA? With out much set up or configuration, DLNA may transports films, pictures along with other media in one device to another. Most computers with Windows Media Center may act as your server. Your computer wouldn’t always have to be powered on whenever you would like to watch movies on your TV. But for many people using Windows Media Center, or application like Nero MediaHome or Tversity may turn their pc into an effective DMS – Digital Media Server. They’ve DLNA abilities that transform them into Digital Media…

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Apple iPhone sales comes down in China: Jumps from top 3 to top 4 position

Apple falls to 4 th position from the 3rd position out of top 10 best selling mobiles in China Apple iPhone sales comes down in China:   Apple is facing a tough time in China as it has seen a downfall in its position. The top brand has jumped from the top 3 position if mobiles in China to the 4 th position. Apple is now longer a choice of the China public. It is no longer in the list of top 3 mobile choices in China. Apple iPhone sales comes…

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Apple iOS 11 for iPhone 8: What All the Software is going to Have

Apple iOS 11 for iPhone 8

Apple iOS 11 for iPhone 8 Could Introduce Revolutionary New Features  Apple iOS 11 for iPhone 8:    It is probably safe to say that the upcoming iPhone 8 is the most awaited smartphone of the year. We expect Apple to deliver the best we have seen from them yet for the tenth-anniversary edition of their iconic iPhone in 2017. But while we have to wait until September before we can get to gratify our eyes with the iPhone 8, we might get an idea of what is to come…

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