Waymo Driverless Car: Google’s self driving car Technology

Waymo - self driving car

Waymo – a car without a driver Today we will introduce you to Waymo – Google’s self-driving car. Google is working to introduce its self-driving car technology to more number of people soon. Waymo will be a true tech revolution as Google is planning to make it fully automatic with zero human intervention or involvement. It has been working on the same for a long time but now Google is facing a tough challenge from companies like Apple Inc, Uber and others. You can check out the complete Waymo Wiki below:-…

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Top 5 tech gadgets to buy this Christmas season

Top 5 tech gadgets to gift this Christmas season For the Christmas is around the corner, almost 2-3 days left to celebrate the occasion, its the same time of the year for reunions, celebrations and yes, gifts. And for this year has been full of new tech gadgets, what would be better than gifting some of the best tech gadgets to our friends and family. Technology with happiness isn’t it the best combination for the season. To let you get acknowledged to the best inspirational and fun involving technology,  here…

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What is a Bitcoin? Complete details


Bitcoin: Basic information A bitcoin is very popular nowadays. Some of us might not be aware as if What bitcoin is? Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, which is very different from the normal currency. A bitcoin is designed and kept electronically. You can not keep it in a physical form. Actually, a bitcoin is created by persons, computers all around the world. the whole process is very different, like our currency in the physical form. We can not keep a bitcoin in a physical form. Cryptocurrency is the right name for a…

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Top 5 mobiles under 15000, specs and features 2016

Top 5 mobiles under 15000 you can buy Mobile has become a very important part of our life. We can live a day without food but most of us can not imagine even a single day without their smartphone. Everybody love their phone a lot. We all wish to have the latest specs and features in our smartphone. Nowadays there are many cool smartphones out in the market. top brands keep adding new features to the mobiles to attract customers. It becomes very cumbersome for us to choose a mobile phone from…

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Top 5 gadgets to buy for your loving pets

Top 5 gadgets for your pets Who doesn’t love pets!  Most of us are having pets or are looking for one. Having one is a blessing that keeps spreading joy and happiness in our lives. Nobody will deny the fact that they are adorable. But the question is are we getting enough time to care for our lovely pets.  Here we will tell you about top 5 gadgets for pets you should buy. A pet is a source of unconditional joy and love. It is a constant company that shall hear…

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OnePlus 3 mobile : Specs and features, price in India

OnePlus 3 mobile: Value for Money smartphone The OnePlus is a Chinese manufacturer which serves almost 42 countries overall. We are here with the particulars of one of the mainstream products. We are talking about the OnePlus 3 mobile. OnePlus 3 mobile has appealing looks that will definitely capture your attention. OnePlus 3 mobile has all that specs and features that you wish to have in your dream smartphone.   The Oneplus3 mobile was unveiled in June 2016 with the prominent “metal unibody” feature. The phone is well regarded by most…

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Reliance Jio 4G offer extended till March 2017

Reliance Jio 4G free data till March 2017

Reliance Jio 4G offer extended : Detailed information With the launch of the free Jio services provided by the ‘Reliance Jio’, we have been offered all of its services for free as part of its welcome offer before the start of its commercial operation. The free services being provided however were supposed to end on end of December,2016. But, now Reliance Jio 4G offer extended for three months more that is till March’17. It has been reported by the business paper Mint that the management shall charge its customers fairly…

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How to Download Netflix movies and shows to watch offline

Download Netflix movies and shows for offline viewing How magical it finally feels to get introduced to the ability to Download  Netflix movies and shows for our offline viewing in our favorite Netflix. We can now watch our favorite series, shows, movies or even the original series of the Netflix just about anywhere in offline videos after downloading them without worrying about the mobile data usage. It’s very easy to download Netflix movies and shows. However, some limitations do exist, though. It is only available for android and iOS users.…

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Best 5 mobiles under 20000 Rs. in India 2016

OnePlus 2 Best 5 mobiles features and specifications

Best 5 mobiles under 20000: Specs & features Are you stuck with very many options for best phones? It may turn out to be a tough task in hand. In this post,  we will tell you the Best 5 mobiles under 20000 Rs. There are multiple choices nowadays when it comes to this price range and excellent features. But then, every coin has two faces and so does a handset. In this rising competition,  it is quite difficult to choose best out of the lot available. So, here we are to…

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5 Best laptops under 35000 in India 2016

Budget  laptops under 35000 for  2016 Are you trying to find the best laptops under 35000 rupees ? There are numerous laptops under 35000 that comes under your budget and has your desired features. Based upon your desired specs you can choose the best one . For your convenience, we’ve listed the 5 best laptops under 35000 in India. This list will help you in choosing one from the top laptops under 35000 that don’t affect your budget. When buying a laptop the most important thing is your usage and…

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